LED Lighting Control on a Raspberry Pi

A new video has just gone live! This one takes a project I completed in 2018 but which unfortunately stopped working when I lost the tiny Wi-Fi adapter that it needed. I bought a new one, but it wasn’t compatible with the old one, despite having the same model number so I had to reinstall the software on the Raspberry Pi that controlled the LEDs on the back of my TV. This one’s quite technical, but I show the problems that come up along the way and how I solve them. Hope it’s an enjoyable watch!

P.S Sorry there was no video last week. I was hoping I’d recorded this one in time for it to go live then, but It was a long edit and I was admitted to hospital on Monday with high calcium. It’s taken all week to finish the edit and do the subtitles in between (and during) the many saline drips!


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